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History does not belong to the exact sciences, because it cannot objectively cover the events of the past. Needless to say, people can talk about the same person in completely different ways. The names of many talented people have remained unknown or completely forgotten simply because no one has told the true story of their lives. 
Professional guitar music in Ukraine has developed peculiarly. This is primarily because the classical guitar appeared in Ukraine in the late eighteenth century and was used mainly as an instrument for amateur musicians, as an accompaniment to singing. At that time, other string instruments prevailed in the national musical tradition.
Read an interview with composer, an author of Concertino for guitar and orchestra, Dmytro Malyi here in Ukrainian.
A life full of inspiration, kindness, and love. A priest, a husband, a father, and an artist whose life suddenly ended the disease at the age of 39 took. The release presents the last significant work of the composer - the dramatic scene Iphigenia in Tauris based on the drama of the same name by Lesya Ukrainka.
Read an interview with composer, an author of Annes Passion, Yevhen Orkin here in Ukrainian.
Even in the darkest periods of world history, there is still room for the light in the human soul: for love and mercy, for wisdom and gratitude, for courage and supernatural strength! Records of the famous "Diary of Anne Frank" by the Jewish girl Anneliese Maria Frank (1929-1945) render the thirst for life, girlish fragility, and childish maturity.
Interview with author of the "Blessing of Sorrow" Symphony.
“Blessing of Sorrow" is the title of Symphony II (2002) by the Ukrainian contemporary composer Boryslav Stronko. The Symphony skillfully combines traditional principles of romantic principles, music of Eastern and Caucasian cultures, philosophical and avant-garde ideas, and even electronic  music  elements.
Sonata for Cello and Piano by Illya Lyzohub (1797-1867) is the composer`s only surviving piece. Most of his works were destroyed by fire in 1883. This is the first Ukrainian cello sonata, written between 1825-1828 and dedicated to Lyzohub`s friend and son-in-law, amateur cellist Andriy Hudovych. 
“Barvinkyi: Selected piano pieces” presents unique historical recordings from the archives of music by Vasyl Barvinskyi's. The album includes Five Preludes for Piano (1908), "Thought"(Dumka) and "Humoresque" (Humoreska) from the series "Six Miniatures on Ukrainian Folk Themes" (1920), and Piano Concerto in F minor (1917-1937).
Armonia Ludus chamber orchestra, conductor Mikheli Menabde
Kyiv Camerata, conductor Arild Rimmereit
How exciting is to follow the development of contemporary Ukrainian art! Independent Ukraine is the cradle of free and progressive artists of who we are so proud, we support and appreciate them. Serhiy Vilka, a composer, multi-instrumentalist and conductor, presents his first release in the UL Classic app.