Story of Stetsenko

Imagine that you are just a super gifted person: you have a musical, pedagogical, and even teological education (so you understand where to put a candle in the church); you actively lead a public life, for which you are sent into exile in Donetsk region (yes, this happens). You like the letter "L", so Lysenko and Leontovych are not the last people in your life. But with all these gentlemen sets, you seem to be restless (ironically) roaming around different cities and villages in search of yourself, your vocation, and your "place of power."

And it's not just about time or political regime. These are the creative people who are ready for any changes. Something lost, something gained. Something will bring more achievements, and somewhere you live in a period of creative decline.

The hero of this story is the Ukrainian composer, conductor, teacher, and priest of the Ukrainian Orthodox Church Kyrylo Stetsenko. He is like that -when you agree to move from Kyiv to work as a man of god in a provincial church, just to have something to eat. This is when you create your schooling system of musical literacy and teach it in the village choir. This is when you not only love the culture of your people, but are inspired by it, and you do everything possible to turn the Ukrainian "word" into a "song".

text by Maksym Lunin
nice little cute portait of Kyrylo Stetsenko painted specially for Ukrainian Live Hlib Rachmanin
idea and translation: Taras Demko
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