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Piano music by Vereshchyahin
by Diana Kolomoyets on January 24th, 2024
Фортепіанна музика Ярослава Верещагіна Публікуємо статтю піаніста та музикознавця Северина Гундяка, який вже кілька років досліджує творчість маловідомого українського композитора ХХ століття Ярослава Верещагіна. Минулого року Северин звернувся до команди Львівського органного залу, яка вже понад чотири роки впроваджує стратегію Ukrainian Live.  І вже восени піаніст зіграв два концерти в Органному...  Read More
Story of Dyletskyi
by Victor Pylypyshyn on April 12th, 2023
Mykola Diletskyi is a composer with a question markLittle is known about his life, which is not surprising, because it was so long ago... He was born around 1630 and died around 1690. There is only a mention of his origin in the censuses of that time: "inhabitant of the city of Kyiv". But his life was not limited to Ukraine alone. Surprisingly, even at that time people could study or work abroad a...  Read More
Story of Skorulskyi
by Victor Pylypyshyn on April 5th, 2023
Noticing how the student of the music school, Mykhailo Skorulskyi, constantly distracted himself from studying general subjects by writing music, the history teacher asked him: — Mykhailo, have you read "The Three Musketeers" by Alexandre Dumas? — Not yet, but I will definitely read it! — There is a character in it who reminds me of you - Aramis. You, Skorulskyi, dream about music during history l...  Read More
Story of Yarovynskyi
by Victor Pylypyshyn on March 29th, 2023
🌱March 11th can be considered a day rich in famous names, as many well-known people celebrate their birthdays on this day, both Ukrainian and worldwide composers such as Porfyriy Batiuk, Yulia Homelska, pianist Roman Savytskyi, Astor Piazzolla, who is rightly called the father of Argentine tango, and also the hero of today's story - Ukrainian composer, conductor, member of the National Union of Co...  Read More
Story of Heorhyi Maiboroda
by Victor Pylypyshyn on March 22nd, 2023
Heorhyi Maiboroda, like his brother Platon, came from a cossack family. The Mayboroda brothers were born in the Pelechivshchyna in the Poltava region. According to local legend, its founder was the cossack Peleh. The great-grandfather of the brothers Fedir Maiboroda was chumak and was well remembered in the village not only for his travels, but also for his masterful singing. Musical talent was in...  Read More
Story of Dankevych
by Victor Pylypyshyn on March 10th, 2023
Kostiantyn Dankevych, like many of us today, didn't immediately find his way in his professional life. Several factors influenced his decision: his youth coincided with the difficult times at the beginning of the 20th century, the premature death of his father, the need to acquire a profession and work, and so on. After finishing gymnasium, Kostyantyn enrolled in an electrical engineering school i...  Read More
Story of Zahaykevych
by Victor Pylypyshyn on March 2nd, 2023
– Born on December 17th in Podillya, Ukraine – it's the best gift of fate one could possibly receive. I say this from my own experience :) Composer Alla Zahaykevych also became a lucky recipient of such fortune. After leaving her hometown of Khmelnytskyi for studies in the capital, her expeditions to Polissya villages and studies at the Kyiv Conservatory sparked her interest in Ukrainian folk musi...  Read More
Story of Turkevych
by Victor Pylypyshyn on February 8th, 2023
The world is rediscovering her, even though she was already the first. She was the first female composer who actually influenced the course of the history of Ukrainian classical music. She globally changed the understanding of Ukrainian music in global context. Stephania lived a long, rich life. She traveled a lot. She studied in Vienna, Prague, and Berlin, so in her work, she liked to combine man...  Read More
Story of Pavenskyi
by Victor Pylypyshyn on February 2nd, 2023
40: Is it a lot or little?40 UAH today is not enough.40 likes under the post are also not enoughAnd 40 years? There are two ways to look at it: to live 40 years is not enough; to wait 40 years is a lot.That's how long the symphony by Volodymyr Pavenskyi waited for its first public performance, which happened in January 2023 on the stage of the Lviv Organ Hall by musicians of the Academic Symphony ...  Read More
Story of Barvinskyi
by Victor Pylypyshyn on January 26th, 2023
In Ukraine, there is an ancient tradition of weaving a periwinkle (in ukr. barvinok) wreath for the bride at her wedding (it is an evergreen climbing plant that blooms with pale blue flowers in spring). Such a periwinkle wreath was a talisman, protecting against the "evil eye," envy, disease, and other evil forces. The fate of one Ukrainian family living in the Ternopil region, the Barvinskyi fami...  Read More
Story of Shchetynskyi
by Victor Pylypyshyn on January 18th, 2023
"Everyone nowadays has to do what they are capable of, to fulfill their life mission" - says Ukrainian composer Oleksandr Shchetynskyi in his interview in April 2022 for the Lviv Organ Hall.  Oleksandr Shchetynskyi has been fulfilling his life mission - to write new, unique, lively music - since childhood and every day, until today.The avant-garde and postmodernist Shchetynskyi was born and educat...  Read More
Story of Bezkorovainyi
by Victor Pylypyshyn on January 10th, 2023
The name of Vasyl Bezkorovainyi in Ukraine during the Soviet period could not be mentioned because of his emigration. During the Second World War, together with his family, the composer went to Vienna, and from 1949 he lived in the United States. Vasyl was born in Ternopil, where he began to study music. He particularly liked to play the violin and piano. The young composer participated in the gym...  Read More
Story of Havrylets
by Victor Pylypyshyn on January 4th, 2023
Her Facebook profile is still active. However, there have been no new posts for almost a year, but the feed is replenished with numerous mentions from relatives, friends, acquaintances, students and all those who remember her as always open and sincere, emotional and in her own way "cosmic", composer and teacher, Hanna Havrylets. Her world is closely connected with Ukraine. She was born in Ivano-F...  Read More
Story of Korchynskyi
by Victor Pylypyshyn on December 29th, 2022
When you hear the sounds of a pipe, who do you imagine? A man or a woman in ethnic folk costume on the slopes of the Carpathians? And if it's not a pipe, but a Ukrainian chromatic longitudinal recorder, does your association change to something more academic?Incredibly, but in fact it is the more or less same musical instrument. And now, students from music schools to conservatories study in the c...  Read More
Story of Leontovych
by Victor Pylypyshyn on December 21st, 2022
The Godfather of Christmas or How the melody of the Ukrainian composer became a symbol of the holiday all over the world For the first time I heard of Mykola Leontovych as a child, when I went on a school trip to his museum in Tulchyn, Vinnytsia region. Then I learned that I share a common small homeland with the composer (we both come from the same area), as well as about his difficult and tragic...  Read More
Story of Klebanov
by Victor Pylypyshyn on December 7th, 2022
In 1934, he was one of the first in the territory of the "union" to create the children's ballet "Little Stork". In addition, Symphony 1, written in 1945, became the first memorial in the history of music dedicated to the tragedy of Babyn Yar. A victim of cultural oppression and anti-Semitism during the Soviet era, Ukrainian composer of Jewish origin, Kharkiv resident Dmytro Klebanov joined the li...  Read More
Story of Shtoharenko
by Victor Pylypyshyn on November 23rd, 2022
30 years ago, on November 15, 1992, the life of Andriy Shtoharenko ended. And exactly 120 years and 1 month ago, on October 15, 1902, he was born. The period of the composer's life, which lasted 90 long years, was filled with art and music, teaching, and true recognition."Writing music should become an organic need of an artist, a composer must always be in a creative state..." Andriy Shtoharenko ...  Read More
Story of Shamo
by Victor Pylypyshyn on November 16th, 2022
On May 29, Kyiv celebrated City Day. Even under martial law, Kyivans crowded the streets of the capital to celebrate this holiday. Traditionally, the festivities began with the official anthem of Kyiv, which was heard by almost every Ukrainian. This is a song, the music for which was written by Ukrainian composer Ihor Shamo, it is called "My Kyiv" (Kyeve miy)Who was Ihor Shamo? How did you live an...  Read More
Story of Simovych
by Victor Pylypyshyn on November 16th, 2022
His father's name was Apolon, which derives from Apolo! But this did not prophesy the fate of the god from ancient Greek myths to his son. Because the family of Apolon Simovych did not live on Mount Olympus, but in the Chernivtsi region, Ukraine; the type of activity was somewhat different from what the gods did in Greece. So: "Music is, of course, good, but you won't earn a living with it," Roman...  Read More
Story of Bazhanskyi
by Victor Pylypyshyn on November 2nd, 2022
There are such words on his tomb, just below the date of birth and death: "He loved the people, and the people loved him". But is it true that they loved him so much? Why did they forget him then? This is the story of Porphyriy Bazhanskyi, a Ukrainian composer, writer, priest and outstanding beekeeper.He is one of the Ukrainian composers who, by all means, were looking for an opportunity to create...  Read More
Story of Bibik
by Victor Pylypyshyn on October 27th, 2022
Valentyn Bibik is the foundation, and so to speak, the base of the Ukrainian avant-garde. Bibik is a world-class composer. He was born and studied in Kharkiv, where he celebrated the premieres of his works and worked as a professor at the Art Institute.Like all composers of the avant-garde generation of the sixties, Valentyn Bibik was often "whipped" by the authorities of the time - his music was ...  Read More
Story of Voytenko
by Victor Pylypyshyn on October 19th, 2022
Oleksiy Voytenko is one of those Ukrainian composers whose life and work can beobserved live, as he is our contemporary. Moreover, you can follow him on Facebook oreven become virtual friends. Ah, technologies of the 21st century!By the way, about technology - Oleksiy Voytenko received his first diploma at the KyivPolytechnic Institute, which, according to him, possesses its place in his business ...  Read More
Story of Kyreiko
by Victor Pylypyshyn on October 8th, 2022
The Cossack race has no translation! (Lame google translation of a famous Ukrainian saying)))The Ukrainian composer of the 20th century Vitaliy Kyreiko was proud of his ancient, glorious Cossack origin. Of course, in his time he no longer wore a sword and oseledets or chub (traditional Ukrainian haircut) on his head, but he fought just as faithfully for the national idea, thanks to his musical tal...  Read More
Story of Kolessa
by Victor Pylypyshyn on September 22nd, 2022
His name could appear in medical textbooks as a famous pediatrician or surgeon; we could visit the exhibition of his drawings and portraits. But we know him as a world-class composer, conductor, teacher, and musician. We talk of Mykola Kolessa. And it is all about this latter, musical side of his personality.   Read More
Story of Hryhoriv
by Victor Pylypyshyn on September 14th, 2022
What is actually experimenting?Could it be Isaac Newton's games with a transparent prism to get an optical illusion? Or Erwin Schrödinger's cat-in-a-box theory? Could it be as well the selection of a new sort of radish by local agronomists?What about experiments in art? Is it common at all, and if so, in what way can it be done?Today's story is about Roman Hryhoriv - a Ukrainian composer, a genuin...  Read More
Story of Lytvynenko
by Victor Pylypyshyn on September 7th, 2022
This week we present the figure of Denys Lytvynenko. Denys is known to many as a brilliant cellist . But he is also a professional composer. Denys Lytvynenko admits that he writes music throughout his life - he cannot imagine his existence in any other way.On Saturday, the ULC mobile app will feature his recording of the String Quartet No. 2 performed by the Phoenix Quartet, where the author himse...  Read More
Story of Ishchenko
by Victor Pylypyshyn on September 1st, 2022
While all Ukrainians are looking forward to tasting juicy Kherson watermelons (as his region is currently occupied by russia), the Ukrainian Live Classic audience will be among the first to enjoy a real Kherson "product". Of course, we are not talking about watermelons, and not even about tomatoes, but about the music of Yuriy Ishchenko, a Ukrainian composer from Kherson.  Read More
Story of Kaminskyi
by Victor Pylypyshyn on August 24th, 2022
Who do you think could become the author of the first electronic and computer music manual in Ukraine? A trendy DJ, a successful rapper, or maybe some influencer who writes custom beats? Kind of banal, in my opinion.In fact, this respectable man is a composer, teacher, and public figure. Victor Kaminskyi (not to be confused with NK - Kamenskykh, as she is more associated with pop music, which is s...  Read More
Story of Verbytskyi
by Victor Pylypyshyn on August 18th, 2022
"My father was a believer, a church deacon, my mother was a believer as well. I'm not from a family like the others - I'm from a rich one!" - the words of this Ukrainian internet meme could become popular long before it was released on YouTube. Namely because of Mykhaylo Verbytskyi, who, like the girl from that video, was "not from such a family". However, this did not lead him to begging, instead, he became a famous Ukrainian composer, musician, and priest of the Ukrainian Greek Catholic Church.   Read More
Story of Kozarenko
by Victor Pylypyshyn on August 10th, 2022
On the Independence Day of Ukraine, August 24, he celebrates his birthday - his "little independence". A very extraordinary and bright composer, about whom I was often told the following: "he is one of the few in Lviv who is really well versed with classical music". What is then the secret of pianist, musicologist, and composer Oleksandr Kozarenko?  Read More
Story of Prydatkevych
by Victor Pylypyshyn on August 9th, 2022
What is the life of Ukrainian emigrants like? Is it possible to succeed overseas? How not to forget about the Motherland? The hero of this story proves that even if you are far from your native land, you can remain a patriot. To be a well-known and successful foreigner according to the passport, but to remain a Ukrainian in the heart.   Read More
Story of Bezborodko
by Victor Pylypyshyn on July 29th, 2022
Imagine that someone created a chat with you on messenger adding there some famous person. What would you talk about there? About cats, affection, or maybe about cheese? As for me, I don't have to imagine, because I recently had a similar experience of correspondence with the Ukrainian composer and pianist Oleh Bezborodko. Therefore, cats, love, and cheese mean now more than just words.  Read More
Story of Lyatoshynsky
by Victor Pylypyshyn on July 20th, 2022
What is the Ukrainian city of Zhytomyr famous for? First and foremost for its people, and last but not least for socks and beer. One of such prominent people is Borys Lyatoshynskyi, a composer, conductor, and teacher. He is called the founder of Ukrainian musical modernism of the 20th century. Why so? Let's try to figure it out.  Read More
Story of Kos-Anatolskyi
by Victor Pylypyshyn on July 13th, 2022
With his rhythmic and easy-to-remember music he would make a super successful radio DJ. Although he was not a DJ and even did not live in Manhattan, his life was still closely connected with the music industry and writing music. The music one wants to hear again and again. Ukrainian composer Anatoliy Kos-Anatolskyi.   Read More
Story of Almashi
by Victor Pylypyshyn on July 6th, 2022
His name is Zoltan and his last name is Almashi. An unusual name, for a Ukrainian. However, the composer calls himself a Ukrainian with Hungarian roots. He was born, grew up, and received his musical education in Lviv as a cellist and composer. His father was a violinist. Zoltan recalls, that there were always plenty of scores in their house and he used to rewrite them, improving to his taste. Thi...  Read More
Story of Berkovych
by Taras Demko on June 20th, 2022
2022 combines two dates: 50 years since the death, and 120 years since the birth of Ukrainian composer and teacher Isaak Berkovych. We can learn about the composer`s life and music only from his autobiography because there are no other thorough studies so far. As they say: "If you don't, you can't expect anyone else to."The composer was devoted to his alma mater, the Tchaikovsky Kyiv Conservatory....  Read More
Story of Dychko
by Victor Pylypyshyn on June 15th, 2022
She adored her dog, has a sweet tooth, likes to travel, and loves music. She dedicated her whole life to it. Lesya Dychko is a Ukrainian composer, professor, and recognized artistic figure in Ukraine. We can talk about her titles for a long time, but let’s try to explore why she is so valued in the world of music.  Read More
Story of Kolomiets
by Victor Pylypyshyn on June 9th, 2022
"A fool can't be a good oboist" - says Ukrainian composer, art director, and oboist Maksym Kolomiets. Provocative words, as from a professional oboist. However, Maksym immediately gives them an explanation, - all this is connected with the structure of the instrument, namely with the detail without which it will not sound - reed.   Read More
Story of Lysenko
by Victor Pylypyshyn on May 18th, 2022
For sure nobody has ever viewed Mykola Lysenko as "the son of my mother's friend", whom she always puts as an example for you.  He is so successful and talented - there is nothing to criticize. And indeed he was. His contribution to the development of Ukrainian classical music is hard to exaggerate. Mykola Lysenko is even compared to Taras Shevchenko in literature. Such are the titans of Ukrainian...  Read More
Story of Dmytro Malyi
by Taras Demko on May 9th, 2022
- "Dobryi den! Good afternoon!", You say when meeting Dmytro Malyi."你好, Ni hao!" He will answer you. Because he lived and worked in China for 5 years. No, not at the Cupertino underground factory, but as a music teacher!By the way, "Malyi" literally translates as Small and is the composer`s Second name. In fact, Dmytro is already an adult and handsome man. Several years ago he even defended his di...  Read More