Story of Lysenko

For sure nobody has ever viewed Mykola Lysenko as "the son of my mother's friend", whom she always puts as an example for you.  He is so successful and talented - there is nothing to criticize. And indeed he was. His contribution to the development of Ukrainian classical music is hard to exaggerate. Mykola Lysenko is even compared to Taras Shevchenko in literature. Such are the titans of Ukrainian culture.

Interesting fact: Mykola graduated from Kharkiv University, not in music, but in natural sciences, studying at the Faculty of Physics and Mathematics. However, his desire for music prevailed, and after graduating from the Leipzig Conservatory, Mykola Lysenko immersed himself in musical life and other useful things.

Music school teacher, collector, and promoter of folk songs, head of the first legal Ukrainian socio-political organization, founder and chairman of the "Kyiv Boyan" music and choral society.

No wonder Lysenko is compared to Shevchenko. His music is closely connected with the legacy of the Kobzar. Since childhood, the composer began to study the heritage of Shevchenko. Later he began to base the music on poems. 88 out of 120 of his chamber and vocal works are based on Shevchenko's texts.

This is not our first release of Mykola Lysenko's works. This Saturday we present pieces for violin, which we have collected in the playlist "Violin Kaleidoscope". We see here an interesting combination of simplicity and sublimity, national and European motifs, so frank and personal. And what will you see in this Kaleidoscope?
Text by Max Lunin
Portrait by Hlib Rachmanin.
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